Sci-fi Battle Armor 1

19 02 2010

I made an attempt to create an “original” concept for sci-fi battle armor. I’ve been looking around various suits from video games.

So first off I made a silhouette, using only white and black. I lie in the form and work on it. So I’m figuring out what it looks like and find a way that makes it look functional. It took me around 40 minutes just to lay the concept out. I will get back on this later on.

Also I’ve been thinking about the content here. Right now I mostly post sketches and concept art. I think that I won’t be posting character model sheets anytime soon. Should I just change the name to something like “Concept…”?  I really want to add on other things, but I see myself sketching more.

Back to this concept, how original can I get? It’s been done before…I know that, but it’s good practice for me. When it comes to drawing armor, I am the least creative, especially sci-fi armor. I’m having a little bit of difficulty on how to make it functional. I want to make sure that the armor does not hinder the soldier’s movement. I often bounce on and off about what sort of details are needed. I wonder if a certain part serves a purpose or if it’s just aesthetically pleasing.

I’ll probably do more battle armor concept art, ranging from different genres or maybe I’ll make a random one that does not fit to a particular genre.




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